Cove Norris Homeowners' Association, Inc.


Cove Norris is a community of distinctive homes located on the Cove Creek tributary, Norris Lake reservoir, Campbell County, TN.

The Cove Norris Homeowners' Association, Inc., was formed to preserve and improve the quality of life of Cove Norris residents by:

Providing a forum for communication

  • Acquiring and maintaining community property
  • Overseeing land use and building restrictions
  • Monitoring governmental and commercial activities
  • Gathering and disseminating information
  • Serving as a unified voice on issues affecting Cove Norris.

Internet Update

Comcast has completed the infrastructure within Cove Norris and installations have started.  Attempts to obtain a new customer sign-up offer from Comcast had been unsuccessful until today.  As posted on FaceBook; Xfinity Comcast has assigned Will as the "new construction" sales rep for Cove Norris.  Those interested in new service can contact him by phone or text.

Contact Info:
   William "Will" L. O'Connor
   Xfinity Residential Sales Executive

About this Site

The purpose of this website is to ensure that the residents and property owners of Cove Norris are kept informed of the events happening in and around the community and have ready access to information related to the Association and other useful Internet resources. Potential home buyers will also find useful information here.

Please note that some information on this site is for Members Only, and will require you to enter your password. ("Members Only" means your dues are paid up for the current fiscal year!) If you forgot your password or never had one assigned, you may email Greg Snodgrass at for a new one. 

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this web site please feel free to contact any of the Officers & Directors or if you wish to contribute additional content, please e-mail